Why Spray-On RV Roofing is Better than Roll-On

spray on rv roof solution

Setting out on an RV adventure is exciting, but a leaky roof can put a damper on the fun. That’s where FlexArmor comes in – your solution for worry-free travels. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or new to RVing, explore why FlexArmor’s spray-on RV roofing is your go-to for a smooth and safe journey.

Advantages of Spray-On RV Roofing

If you’re tired of the constant maintenance your traditional RV roof demands, FlexArmor’s sprayed on roof offers a hassle-free alternative. Unlike rolled-on rubber coatings, spray-on polyurea RV roof coatings provide a smooth and even coat, avoiding any application problems. 

Our coating provides your RV’s roof with uniform thickness, delivering a smooth finish and enhanced protection across the entire surface. It also sticks well to your RV roof, preventing leaks and making it more durable thanks to better adhesion.

Unlike roll-on products, spray-on roofing fills all cracks, holes, and vulnerabilities as it coats around ladders, TV antennas, vents, solar panels, and other roof attachments to prevent leads around screw holes or penetration points. 

FlexArmor is flexible, adjusting to your RV’s movements on the road and changes in temperature as you travel. This allows spray-on solutions to last longer, beating traditional options and reducing the need for frequent replacements and repairs.

The coating is applied indoors in a controlled environment, guaranteeing a perfect application. When you invest in durable spray-on RV roofing, you can say goodbye to dealing with regular roof maintenance, caulking, and worrying about punctures.

Specific Benefits of FlexArmor

FlexArmor stands out as a leading RV roofing solution due to its unmatched durability and benefits. Some of the advantages that set it apart include:

Elastomeric Formula

With 600% elongation, FlexArmor’s special elastomeric formula ensures your RV roof stays flexible and strong in all kinds of weather, including heavy rain, snow, or strong winds.

High UV Resistance

FlexArmor shields your RV from harm caused by UV rays, protecting both your roof and entire vehicle from sun damage. 

Energy-Efficient Properties

Experience better insulation with FlexArmor, allowing you to cut down on propane use for heating and keeping your RV cooler in the summer.

Durable Polyurethane Coating

FlexArmor’s polyurethane coating of 3500 PSI is almost as strong as that of tough structural concrete, giving your RV robust protection against impacts on the road.

Excellent Adhesion

Thanks to its exceptional adhesion properties, FlexArmor comes with a 100% leak-free guarantee, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the durability of your RV roof.

Self-Leveling Properties

FlexArmor levels itself out, ensuring that your RV roof has a smooth and even surface, improving both how it looks and how well it works.

Expert Installation

Authorized FlexArmor technicians undergo extensive training, guaranteeing a high-quality application every time. 

Lifetime Transferable Warranty

FlexArmor comes with a lifetime transferable warranty, giving you the peace of mind and long-term RV protection you deserve.

What to Expect

It’s important to know what to expect when applying a spray-on RV roof for a worry-free experience. The entire process, from inspection to application, is completed in just three days, ensuring a quick turnaround. 

First, our authorized technicians will inspect your RV, remove old caulk, and take out essential components like A/C and satellites. Next, the roof gets prepped for the new application. 

FlexArmor roofs come with extra perks, such as new vent lids, refrigerator base and lid, sewer fixtures, and vent covers. This ensures your RV is not only maintenance-free but also all set for the next exciting adventure.

FlexArmor Spray-On RV Roof Solution

If you’re facing a leaky RV roof, the experts at FlexArmor are here to help. Every adventure deserves a worry-free start – stop by any of our locations nationwide for a free RV roof inspection or FlexArmor quote.

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  1. We are very interested in your product. We have a 33.5 fifth wheel cougar with two AC units. We want to keep it year round in Naples fl. It is a 2023 not a year yet. We are planning to bring it to Naples next October. How far our you from there.

    1. You would have two options, one in Ft. Myers and one in Palmetto. You can contact either through the website, RVRoof.com.

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