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Rodney and others immediately responded to my concern before I made it to the office door.!!VERY impressed with this company and their commitment to excellence.
Clean store. Helpful staff.
We were going to Florida on I-95 south January of 2020. Suddenly we were pulled over by state troopers,and advised that our rubber roof had blown off and debris was all over I-95. We did not know what to do as we were several hours away from our destination. The next day someone told about limped along to the RVRoof factory . They were very helpful and said they would fit us into their schedule. We picked up the camper 3 days later and it looked great,and still does . Thank you RVRoof you guys are great.George Smith
We had a FlexArmor roof installed at the Green Cove Springs FL location. While it's not cheap, the investment paid for itself 6 months later. After returning home from a trip, I inspected the roof and found a mark where a small tree limb had scraped the entire length of the roof. If it would have been a rubber roof, I'm sure it would have been damaged. We have also found that the interior stays much cooler during times of high temperatures. My only warning is that the estimate they give you prior to looking at your rig may be very different from the final price. (Our final price was over $600 higher than the original estimate). Nonetheless, we are super happy with the roof and have been recommending it to other RVers we meet!
Not cheap, but cured the persistent leak problem. Had it done about 1 1/2 years ago. Entirely satisfied with the result.
Have our roof done 1 1/2 years ago, best investment we have made on our older RV. We are full time. Great job, looks like new, great people to work with.
After much research we decided to go with Flexarmor. Our roof was aging and before having an issue we chose to be proactive. Elite RV was top notch! (An authorized application center for FlexArmor). Not only is it a great roof with color matched sides they sprayed over our bathroom skylight which is a huge help for heat and light reduction. We can’t say enough about Elite RV. Absolutely wonderful staff that really go the extra mile for their customers!
Excellent product and people! We are excited to see if the roof coating lives up to its reputation.
From the initial contact which at least a year before we had the job done all communications were friendly and professional. The roof made the coach look new again, and no leaks. Have it done before you have a major repair like we had. Rubber roofs don't last long. Nothing better than a complete membrane covering you coach.
RVRoof paced a spray on roof coating on my 5th wheel trailer in 2016. very pleased with work and material used. This roof is so much better that a membrane roof that the RV industry uses. The best thing is I do not worry about tree limbs brushing the top of trailer anymore. Life time warranty to me and if I sell it the next owner gets the same warranty.
Had a Flex Armour roof put on my 5th wheel over 2 years ago. Looks the same as the day it was installed, no maintenance no leaks no problems. I would recommend it 5 star.
I have used RVRoof 3 times. The first was the replace the original rubber roof on my motorhome. The other two times were to get touch ups when I added or changed things on my roof. I have had RVRoof for a long time now and I am quite happy. No more black streaks on the side of my motorhome. Although I do try to be careful, I don't worry about small branches being able to rip or tear the roof like I had to worry about with the rubber roof. So far, no leaks at all. It's very easy to clean; the hardest part is getting the pressure washer up to the roof. Overall, the service has been great, the durability has been great, and I am quite pleased.
I had this roof applied in the spring of 2015. I then spent two months in the Houston area while my wife was on a trip overseas. While there, the roof of the trailer and the roof, hood and fenders of my truck all turned black, I’m assuming from pollution and whatever else was floating around in the air. I really didn’t care what it looked like since it was on the roof and nobody would ever see it. But my wife wanted it to be clean. So she spent two days on the roof with a stiff bristle brush and a can of Ajax and a garden hose cleaning it. The photos below are the before and after pictures of her efforts. I love this roof. It’s like they say at RVRoof, “Once you have this roof, you never have to get on your roof again”. I have no complaints. I recommend this roof to everybody I meet that needs a roof. I still have the sample that they gave me when I got the roof put on and I show it to them.
I used the Madison, Mississippi location for this work. Gary & his crew did an outstanding job on my 2013 Voltage 3950. I was impressed enough to haul the RV back there (a 5+ hour haul) to have some more work done there. Tim Hall
A flex armor roof installed on your RV is the best investment you can make for a new RV. I have had mine for two years and love it. The guys in Bertram are friendly, professional and honest. I’m looking at getting a new larger trailer and it’s first trip will be to have a Flex-Armor roof installed. It’s not cheap but it is worth every penny for the peace of mind. Highly recommend this business and their product.
Good quality job. Don't have to get on the roof and clean and inspect.Money was well spent and they were great people to work with.
Love my flex armor roof very low maintenance no caulking no worries about weather the caulking going to hold up. Super service . mine still looks great years later . Cost less than any estimates we got to put a rubber roof on that requires allot of maintenance. This is a no brainer for any body needing a new roof on there rv. Bob and Tammy full time rvers.
We had a leaky roof on our 5th Wheel after going under overhanging limbs. We were going to have a conventional RV roof installed until we discovered the warranty was for only a year. I happened to see an ad from RVRoof and called them and found out their warranty was for as long as we owned our RV. We made an appointment and had the sprayed polymer installed. I was impressed with the service and explanation of the process. They even took the old roof off where it had been leaking to make sure there was no hidden damage. I highly recommend RVRoof for the quality of their work and the treatment of their customers!
Great experience has held up well and no leaks anywhere. It also cleans up well. They were fast and efficient and done when they said they would be and i would recommend it to anyone.
My 5th wheel roof was replaced due to water damage and several small holes from low hanging tree limbs. Considered going back with EPDM roof after price comparison and warranty I went with FlexArmor roof. Best choice I have made. Durable, low maintenance , less stress when pulling into camp spaces with low tree limbs.
I do not often post reviews however in the case of my new "Flex Armor" roof I feel that it is greatly deserved. I have owned several RV's in the past and have experienced the aggravations of roof leaks. On my current travel trailer I had relentless roof leak that could not be found. Due to my frustrations and after much internet searched, I traveled to "Elite RV" for their "Flex Armor" roof application. This system is by FAR the best roof in the industry!!! Now I have a permanently sealed roof which flexes during the rigors or road travel and will not produce a leak. This roof has the property of being able to stretch up to 600% before tearing and is totally repairable in the unlikely event of a foreign penetration. I used to think that a fiberglass roof was the best choice for RV's and maybe it was until this product came out. If you are contemplating a new roof for your RV a that you want to keep and be worry free, I would say look no further. It was well worth the cost for the performance and piece of mind. hope this helps.
Professional service and staff looks great.Well worth getting it done.
They did a great job. Took our trailer in on Monday morning and picked it up Friday morning. Looks nice. We don't have to worry about roof maintenance. Everything on the roof is sealed. Price was right. Love our roof. I highly recommend them.
Had roof done in 2017, still solid. Easy to clean and no worries about roof leaks. Spent some time out west in a couple of hail storms with no damage to roof. I believe it was well worth the cost.
the roof is great . job well done, except one small problem.when reinstalling the airconditionersthey pull frightened them down so tight, it blocked off the drains causing the drain water to overflow into the coach and onto my bed and flooring.this caused a warped floor and squeaking in floor when walking in the bedroom.
Great staff and the new roof looks great. The technicians wrapped all of the attachments and they even mounted my new solar panels. This new roof provided me with peace of mind that I would not have any issues as we toured coast to coast.
It has been over a year since I had my roof done and as just as happy with it as the day I hade it done!
Excellent. Very accommodating, The roof looked fantastic. I have now been through many downpours and as a fulltimer a no leak roof feels very comforting. I will certainly bring my next RV to them.
Getting rv roof replaced after a violent hail storm. Thus far, I have been most impressed. They will be done with it in 2 days.
The best of the best! A friendly, professional and courteous management & staff. One of the rare companies out there that still strive to provide a quality product and service, along with all of the above mentioned. A genuine diamond in the woods!
I love my roof. I have a 1996 American DreamThe roof Is the best investment i could have ever made. I have not had one issue since installation. I dont think I will ever have to buy a new RV. I loved the guys that put this roof on. They were very acomadating with my schedule. Tracy Hennessee
We were and still are very happy with the new roof and the benefits of the warranty, if there was any part of the process we did not like is the way the seams on the new roof allow water to puddle up. By seam, I mean the height difference between the original roots good wood and the new replacement wood, it is more of a channel than a seam but water does collect in it, but since it's all sealed now it is a non issue.
RV FlexArmor is a great product and I highly recommend it to anyone needing to replace or repair their RV roof or to anyone looking to have essentially a maintenance free lifetime roof.My first experience with RV FlexArmor occurred after discovering hail damage to my 38 ft fifth wheel. After a lot of research and getting various estimates for a new roof I decided to go to Elite RV in Palmetto Florida. Their price to repair damage and install the RV FlexArmor system was a little over half of what the dealer wanted to install a new rubber roof (which would still be vulnerable to future damage/leaks and require substantial maintenance). With RV FlexArmor, I never have to get on the roof again to caulk or reseal joints, vents, skylights, etc.I am so impressed with RV FlexArmor that I had Elite RV put it on my new motorhome as well. Absolutely worth the investment to me. I no longer worry about roof damage or leaks.
I had my roof done at Elite RV in Palmetto Florida. Best thing I have done to my RV. No more maintenance or worries about leaks. Highly recommend this product as it was more expensive to redo the roof with membrane than it was to have this lifetime product put on.
OK, I'm all about the value. I looked into the product at the local RV dealership and asked to talk to someone and the person they had couldn't be found so I asked for a fact sheet for their product and after so time looking they had to go to the manufactures web site for info and it wasn't what I had hoped for. It was a roll on product and they still had to use the other sealers. PFFFT! A call to RVRoof in Green Cove Springs and I knew this was what I was looking for.I was treated well all throughout the process, from estimate to pickup and have been extremely satisfied with my FlexArmor roof. No longer do I have to scrub the mildew off the roof several times a year. I still clean it but less frequently and with less effort and I don't have to mess with the dicor or eternabond. I don't know why they don't come this way from the factory, but until they do, this is what you want to protect your investment.
I had a great experience. They do what they say they will do and in the time period they promised. I got pictures every night of the progress. I feel they go above and beyond in customer service.
We are thrilled with our new FlexArmor roof. We had a leak in the over cab section of our class C motor home. After a good rain, the driver and passenger would have water pour on top of them from the visor area. After having two different RV service shops look at the vehicle and even complete a pressurization test, the answer was always more caulk and the problem wasn't fixed. We decided to invest in a FlexArmor roof to protect our investment and went to the Green Cove Springs RV Roof location. The team followed the exact schedule as promised. The professionals here found our problem - two missing screws in the gutters - one on each side. In the end, we have a beautiful looking roof and no more dreaded rain showers in the cab! Thank you RV Roof!
Best decision I’ve made for RV Armor to spray my roof on. Great having a roof with no seams, meaning no more leaks. They did a great job and had them do a few other things that I didn’t want to tackle. Little pricey but you get what you pay for. I don’t have to climb up on roof checking for cracks in calking at seams. Well worth it!