FlexArmor: The Patented, Quick-Drying RV Roof Spray

FlexArmor is a revolutionary RV roof alternative made from a patented, pure polyurea spray that dries to the touch in six seconds. It’s the first and only of its kind, and stands out among the crowd of RV roof sealants and RV roof coatings in so many ways.

This Lifetime RV Roof Is Guaranteed

Because it’s sprayed, FlexArmor creates a completely seamless RV roof. That means no more caulking joints, no more leaks, and no more maintenance. And since it’s so strong, you’ll never have to worry about costly repair or damage from hazards like hail or trees at your favorite campground.

How Strong Is 3500 PSI?

Material strength is measured in PSI (“pounds per square inch”). The higher the PSI, the greater the ability of a material to carry loads or handle compression. 3500 PSI is VERY strong. For comparison, concrete at 3500 PSI is used for structural components like foundation footings and slabs. Many driveways are only 2500 PSI.

Basically, FlexArmor is so strong you could drive a car over your RV roof (though we don’t recommend trying it)!

Professional FlexArmor Application

It’s a major job to replace or repair an RV roof. That’s why quality work and proper surface preparation are critical in a successful FlexArmor installation. Authorized FlexArmor technicians receive a minimum of 40 hours intensive training and oversight before they can touch your roof.

Preparation Is Key

A new RV roof can’t be applied if there is any water damage or the roof isn’t structurally sound. Our certified technicians begin with a thorough inspection and will discuss any repair or replacement options if needed. 

Next, we strip all old caulk from the roof, and remove important components like your A/C and satellites. Then we clean, grind, sand and clean again. We use a proprietary process that makes us best in the business and can customize the application to your needs.

All Work Is Done Indoors

Certified applicators install your new RV roof in a controlled, indoor environment. This allows them to work and protect important components like air conditioners without worrying about weather conditions. When a FlexArmor roof is applied, your roof is taken down to the bare basics, then the substrate is cleaned and prepared for your new roof. We have to keep everything dry and clean!

Drop Off, Camp Out and Go

Application takes just three days, so we’ll get you back on the road fast. FlexArmor roofs also come with new standard vent lids, refrigerator base and lid, new sewer fixtures and new vent covers. That means you’ll be maintenance free and ready to go on your next adventure.

FlexArmor Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We’ve answered all the most common questions in our FAQs.