FlexArmor RV Roof Testimonials

Four years later and our Flexarmor roof looks awesome and more importantly our roof is water tight! Thanks for posting the picture of our Scottsdale looking so good.

Bill Esposito

I chose to have my roof done with RV FlexArmor after following the company and their work for 2 years. This is not a easy investment to make but when you think about long term for ownership I highly recommend having this roof put on.

We have had this roof system on our RV trailer for 4 years now. It does live up to all your questions to be answered. Durable, thicker, puncture resistance, no caulking issues, and easy to clean. Twice a year I get up on the roof with the pressure washer and wash it white again.

I am truly happy that I have done this to my trailer and would highly recommend it to anyone considering keeping there trailer for a long time. The best part is you think you have to check it and see but in the end you don’t have to worry about it again.

We are glad that we did this and it is the best customer service we have ever encountered with having work done.

Paul Dahlke

It looks great. They’ve been using this particular topcoat for a couple of years now, and there is almost no maintenance except for washing the topcoat with non-abrasive household cleaner once in a while.

Howard @ RV-Dreams.com


Hi David and Jennifer!

I thought I would update you on your excellent “RVROOF” job on my “Miss Trek”. It looks JUST as beautiful as it did when you put it on for me on June 2, 2014! The peace of mind that this protection has given me is amazing. Whenever it rains now, I just smile, instead of worrying if the last caulk job I did on it was “enough” to completely seal the roof of a 17 year old RV that I call home. Thank you for the care you took, taking “Miss Trek” into a protected bay to do the work. I know of no other “roof” company that does this. And thank you for the beautiful color job that you gave the sides of the covering, to blend in with my original paint job. I felt “taken care of” when I arrived on a Sunday, a day before the appointment. David was there working on an RV, and he hooked me up to electricity so I could feel at home until the job was to begin. I hope you use this as a review. RVers need to know about the companies that really care about the quality of work that they perform for us. Your company gets an A+ from me! I am enclosing photos of “Miss Trek” that I took for this. If you look very closely, you can see her smiling!

Marsha G

I had RV Roof do my roof last month and they did a great job. The roof looks great and I had them paint the edges to contrast my coach paint.

Doug B

Since having the roof done just after Easter 2016, my roof has experienced 20+ inches of snow in Denver and numerous hail storms without any problems or leaks. Glad to have a caulk clean roof and on that will last a long time. Thanks again.

Dave and Sue Bank