RV Roof Tape: DON’T Use It – Here’s Why

RV roof tape can harm your RV roof’s membrane and lead to worse water damage over time. Learn more and see how FlexArmor can help.

Discovering a leak in your RV roof can put a damper on your travels, and many RV owners believe that tape is the best solution. However, RV roof tape can actually do more harm than good, leading to expensive repairs and bigger problems down the road. Here are the top reasons to avoid RV roof tape.

Why You Shouldn’t Use RV Roof Tape

Short-Term Fix

While RV roof tape seems like an easy, speedy solution, it lacks the longevity needed to truly protect your RV roof. That’s because it only masks visible signs of a leak for a short time. It doesn’t address the underlying issue causing the leak. Meanwhile, your leak can get worse and lead to more water damage over time.

Damaging to Remove

Removing tape, especially from brands like Eternabond, is challenging, and too often damages your roof’s membrane. Once your roof has been compromised, there’s no going back. You’ll need frequent RV roof repairs to prevent leaks, which keep you in the repair shop instead of on the road.

Costly Future Repairs

While tape masks your problem, it won’t prevent long-term damage. A small leak, if not properly addressed, can lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs. You could even need an entirely new roof and/or mold remediation. 

Lack of UV Protection

RV roof tape is not meant for long-term maintenance. It becomes brittle and shrinks over time due to sun exposure, creating gaps that allow water damage. This vulnerability may lead to irreversible harm to the roof membrane, causing even more leaks down the line.

Why Choose a Spray-On RV Roof?

If you’re dealing with leak after leak on your RV, you may need an entirely new roof. Unfortunately, even newer RVs are often made with substandard materials, which can lead to your roof degrading quickly. Instead of dealing with constant repairs and maintenance, you can get a lifetime no-leak guarantee with FlexArmor.

Opting for FlexArmor’s spray-on roof instead of traditional RV tape is the key to worry-free travel. Unlike rolled-on coatings, FlexArmor’s polyurea spray provides even and seamless coverage, ensuring a uniform thickness for enhanced protection.

High UV Resistance

FlexArmor’s high UV resistance shields your RV from sun damage, ensuring longevity and protection for both the roof and the entire vehicle.

Flexible Formula

With a special elastomeric formula that ensures 600% elongation, FlexArmor guarantees flexibility and strength in various weather conditions.

Leak-Free Guarantee

FlexArmor’s exceptional adhesion properties provide a leak-free guarantee so you can have confidence in the durability of your RV roof.

Installing Your FlexArmor RV Roof

At FlexArmor, we understand the importance of doing things right. That’s why our certified technicians, with over 40 hours of intensive training, inspect your roof thoroughly, discuss repair options if needed, and then get to work. 

We strip away old caulk, safely remove your AC and satellites, and clean, grind, and sand your roof indoors to ensure a perfect application. You won’t find yourself on the roof again, dealing with caulk, leaks, or pricey repairs. 

You can count on FlexArmor for a seamless and durable solution that allows you to enjoy a lifetime of adventures without stress. We’ll even send you a free sample before application so you see our high-quality roofing solution firsthand.

Visit a FlexArmor RV Roof Location Today

Embark on your next adventure with confidence. If you suspect a leaky roof, avoid RV roof tape and visit any of our nationwide locations for a free RV roof inspection or FlexArmor quote. Your journey deserves the best – choose FlexArmor to ensure years of stress-free exploration. 

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