Recent Recurring RV Roof Problems

rv roof damage showing wrinkles due to rv roof bubbles

At FlexArmor locations, we witness trends in the RV industry, especially as they relate to roofs. There have been 2 big issues the last few years that keeps increasing and many RV owners are frustrated by the answers they receive from dealers or service centers.

Bad rubber roofs

The first big issue has to do with a bad batch of rubber roofs. A few years ago, a very well known rubber roof manufacturer had a batch that did not cure properly. Rubber roofs on RVs are half white or tan and the lower half is black. The issue was with the upper white or tan side. We have seen both colors come through the shop. There is very little regulation or government oversight in the RV industry so there is no mechanism in place to ensure these manufacturers issue recalls or notify owners. There has been some short mentions here and there in RV forums and articles but no owners were contacted to be told they might have a roof issue.

So anyone that has purchased an RV made 2-3 years ago, should take a minute to inspect their membrane. The effected membranes are sticky, sometimes soft and powder like. If you walk on it or touch it it smears or leaves foot print impressions. The first couple we saw, the assumption was a strong cleaner was used causing the softening of the material. Then some RVers started to question the roofs and it was finally revealed the roof manufacturer had sent out to service centers and manufacturers quite a bit of roof material that did not cure properly. If you find you have one of these roofs, report it immediately to your manufacturer. Be persistent and receive the compensation you deserve for a bad product. Membrane roofs typically have a 10-20 year warranty that covers the actual roof material and states it is free of defects. For years these membrane manufacturers have rv roof with wrinkles due to ballooninggotten out of warranty claims since most roof claims relate to caulking joints failing, stating they only warranty the membrane. Now is the time to inspect your roof and hold the responsible parties to task. At the various locations we have seen customers receive payments that range from $600-full price for a roof replacement. Payments come from the RV brand or the roof company. The faulty roofs can be found on multiple product lines and different styles of RVs since the roof material is the industry standard for roofs. We encourage all owners to inspect their roof and get it replaced as soon as possible.

Roof bubble

The second issue that is on the rise mostly occurs on 5th wheels and travel trailers. Next time you are driving down an interstate, look at oncoming 5th wheels and travel trailers. You will notice quite often, especially on 5th wheels, that the front of the roof looks like a big bubble. Wind is coming in one of two ways. One you might have a tear or area on the front strip that is not glued down well. The boom in RV construction is seeing a decrease in quality and the factories are not consistently getting enough glue on the RV roofs. Once the air gets in, the roof begins to balloon and stretch. The first few times, the roof lays back down flat. A good indicator that this is happening when you are driving down the road is wrinkles in the front membrane, and second, a tear around your air conditioner. The ballooned up part eventually gets to the AC and stretches against it until it tears somewhere around the base.

rv roof with wrinkles and shadow of person taking pictureInspecting the front seal does not always find an issue since the second cause is air coming in through the hitch, up the end cap and under the front joint strip. We have seen people who were able to get the ballooning to stop by sealing all the cracks around the end cap under the hitch area and around the hitch. Once again, unless you inspect your roof from time to time, you would not know this is happening until it finally gives way and tears off and is flapping in the wind. Literally. Or like one of our recent customers told us, he noticed his shadow while driving on narrow road in the mountains. He said it took him a minute to figure out why the shape he was seeing was different from what he would expect.

We hope these two pointers for roof inspections can help save you from a roof failure while out camping. It is always better to find it at home so your trip can be of fun memories, not memories of a service center waiting room.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or request a quote from one of our many authorized shops.

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13 Responses

  1. I would like to know is how long RV Roof has been an authorized dealer for Flex Armor

    1., Inc. is FlexArmor. We are the company that created the product and processes of the FlexArmor RV Roof system. The creation process started in 2005. Once the product and processes had been perfected and tested,, Inc. started training other places to apply the product. We now have 15 locations across American you can bring your RV to for a FlexArmor roof, and 2 more opening in the very near future.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      Have a GREAT day!

    2. I have a Class A 2022 Thor 49 footer. My roof has wrinkles on it and when you step on one side the roof in that area sinks in about a 1/2 inch. What would it cost to replace it?

    3. The fact it sinks means it might not be able to be fixed without some major repairs. It needs to be looked at the see if the roof structure can be rebuilt. Some of our total repair shops would be able to do this. Here are a few links for you to get more information:

      MS – Madison – Dependable RV Services –
      TX – Houston – DeMontrond RV –
      NC – Kings Mountain – Country Camping Corner –

      Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

    1. FlexArmor doesn’t require any special maintenance to keep your RV in great shape or keep you warranty in effect.

      You do not have to caulk your roof or apply special cleaners or conditioners on the FlexArmor roof system.

      You can find this answer and more on our FAQ page:

    1. We are experiencing delays in product shipments, like everyone else in the polyurea industry. We are moderating appointments and doing all we can to complete jobs on time.

  2. My question is concerning the surface finish of the FlexArmor once dried. Do you have a standard finish surface profile? I have seen roofs with surfaces that appear to be “pitted”.

    1. The final roof texture varies from application to application. Some substrates are smoother than others, so that will affect the final look. How many different components you have on your roof can also affect the finished product. The roof material dries quickly so if we are spraying around things, little droplets will form across the roof. We do a final pass to get as smooth a finish as possible but there is no set way to make each one look the exact same. There is usually no more texture when we are finished than found on fiberglass roofs. Any “pitting” you see if not deep or rough, it’s more slightly bumpy. There haven’t been any issues about it collecting dirt or other debris.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      Have a GREAT day!

      *You asked this in two places, so I’m copying the answer on both.

  3. Hello,

    Couple of questions.

    We are fulltimers with a chocolate lab so difficult for us when our 5th wheel has to go into the shop. Which is the reason almost all needed repairs I handle myself.

    With that said can you give me just an approximate time that our 5’er will need to be in the shop to have this done and is it something we should try to schedule 3, 4, 5, 6 months out ??

    We have a 42 foot Landmark 5th wheel and have the sticky, soft membrane you describe above. We have settled with the roofing manufacturer for a small amount, better than nothing.

    Thank You

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