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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maintenance to a FlexArmor roof?

FlexArmor doesn’t require any special maintenance to keep your RV in great shape or keep your warranty in effect.

You do not have to caulk your roof or apply special cleaners or conditioners on the FlexArmor roof system.

How do I clean a FlexArmor roof?

You can use any kind of household cleaner you want. This roof system has an extremely high chemical resistance and is not affected by cleaners or bleach. It is designed to be “self cleaning” which means most everyday dust and dirt wash off when it rains. It is non porous so it resists many stains and mildew.

Do I need to caulk around my fixtures?

This roof system was designed to remove all the caulking joints and seams in an rv roof. You no longer have any exposed screws or joints to caulk. Our chemical bond removes the need for caulking.

Is this roof a bedliner? Rhino? Linex?

FlexArmor is a pure polyurea and propreitary processes designed exclusively for RVs. Using a pure polyurea is more expensive than hybrids, which is the chemical make up of bedliners or other less expensive polyureas, makes sure the roof can sustain a variety of temperatures, consistent curing quality, flexibility and UV resistance. 

Bedliners or one of the many other companies who are attempting to follow our lead, use less expensive products which are called a hybrid polyurea. These hybrids have a different chemical make up that leads to several issues. The final product gets brittle in the cold and will crack, it has slow get times which makes it hard to build a thick roof, they are very sensitive to the air temperature and humidity when they are applied. It is not uncommon for hybrids to have a high failure rate in humid or cooler temperatures since these factors effect the way the chemical cures.

Other polyureas do not have the products or processes to adhere to common substrates found on RV roofs. FlexArmor roof systems are able to bond to plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, bare wood, EPDM, TPO, any substrate found on an RV roof.

The owner of RVRoof.com, Inc. and FlexArmor was a industrial spray applicator before he became involved in RVs. He knew that the standard formulas and processes used in the bedliner industry would not work on the varied surfaces of RVs and that the sales people selling product to RV shops don’t understand the unique issues of applying a product on RV roofs.

What is the difference between your roof system and ones that are done onsite?

FlexArmor is a product that requires a special machine to spray it. There is so much equipment involved and due to overspray, it is not an application to be done outside. We also have a lot of prep work to do on the roof and we remove things such as A/Cs and vent lids so we do all work in a controlled environment. Since our equipment, product and prep processes are different than onsite products, we do all work in a fixed, indoor location.

What if I have to replace anything on my roof?

When we do your roof we replace all your vent pipes and lids, refrigerator base and lids, standard vent lids, install new Camco vent covers and new a/c gaskets. Your new bases are sealed in under the product so they will last as long as the roof.

If you ever need to replace something for some reason or add something such as solar panels, we can remove the component, install a new one and respray just that area that was cut through. If you are somewhere else at the time, grind or cut through the coating to get the part out, replace it and caulk it until you can get back to an approved FlexArmor facility for respraying.

How does this compare to other coatings in strength, flexibility and thickness?

FlexArmor has over 600% elongation. This makes it extremely flexible and provides is with more than enough movement to move with your RV and during temperature changes. The strength is over 3500 psi tear strength which makes it next to impossible to puncture or snag and cause a tear. Our thickness is 187 mils or 3/16 of an inch thick.

Does FlexArmor come with a warranty?

Yes, it does. You can read the warranty here.

Will my FlexArmor roof be completely smooth? Will there be pitting that I have to keep an eye on?

The final roof texture varies from application to application. Some substrates are smoother than others, so that will affect the final look. How many different components you have on your roof can also affect the finished product. The roof material dries quickly so if we are spraying around things, little droplets will form across the roof. We do a final pass to get as smooth a finish as possible but there is no set way to make each one look the exact same. There is usually no more texture when we are finished than found on fiberglass roofs. Any “pitting” you see if not deep or rough, it’s more slightly bumpy. There haven’t been any issues about it collecting dirt or other debris.

How long will my RV be in your shop while it's getting a new roof?

Your RV should be in the shop for 2.5 days if it does not need any repairs or other work done.

Do you offer financing?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any financing options.

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