RV Upgrades That Increase the Value of Your Ride

Whether your RV is your home full-time or a weekend escape, upgrading your amenities is important. Check out these RV upgrades that can increase the value of your vehicle and enhance your experience on the road.
RV wheel chock

Whether your RV is your home full-time or a weekend escape, upgrading your amenities is important in getting the most out of your space. From wheel chocks to lasting roofing reinforcement, check out some RV upgrades that can increase the value of your vehicle and enhance your experience on the road. 

Choose RV Chocks

RV wheel chocks are devices or blocks used to keep your vehicle in place while parked. They are typically placed on either side of your parked RV’s wheels to prevent it from rolling or moving. They are a safety essential, especially when your vehicle is parked on an uneven surface. 

Wheel chocks are typically made from plastic and rubber. Although plastic chocks are lightweight and affordable, they are often less durable than rubber chocks. Choose a pair made from high-quality material that was treated with UV inhibitors to limit damage from UV rays during use. 

Here are some common styles and sizes of RV chocks:

Wheel Chocks 

Wheel chocks are the most common type of chock, typically made from wood, rubber, or metal. They are placed behind your vehicle’s wheel to prevent movement while parked and come in many different sizes to fit various tire widths.

Triangular Chocks 

These chocks have a triangular shape to provide your RV with greater stability and often work best on inclines or uneven surfaces. They are made from a variety of materials and come in a variety of sizes based on the size of your tires. 

Wedge Chocks

These are designed to fit snugly against your RV tires and are typically made from hard plastic or rubber. They fit into the gap between the ground and your tire to prevent movement and are a great option for larger RVs and vehicles. 

Add a Water Pressure Regulator

Investing in a water pressure regulator is a great way to prevent cracked pipes or flooding in your vehicle. Not only is water essential in your RV for cooking, drinking and cleaning, but failing to properly maintain your water tank can result in costly damages.

Water pressure varies among different campsites, making a regulator essential in protecting your pipes as you travel. As water enters your home from a city source, a regulator will act as a valve that reduces water pressure to a level that is safe for your RV’s plumbing system. 

Determine the right water pressure for your RV based on its model and condition or the information in your owner’s manual. A water pressure regulator will screw directly into your vehicle’s spigot and can be paired with a water filter for ultimate protection. 

Reinforce Your Roof with FlexArmor

Protect yourself, your valuables and your resale value by reinforcing your roof with FlexArmor. Our high-quality roofing solution provides an unbeatable level of protection that you’ll never have to worry about replacing again. 

RV roofs are often poorly and cheaply manufactured, increasing the risk of leaks and other damages. FlexArmor is the only sprayed, pure polyurea in the RV industry and is certain to provide your vehicle with the protection it needs no matter the adventure you embark on. 

FlexArmor comes with a lifetime transferable warranty that guarantees customer satisfaction and boosts your RV’s resale value. Investing in this top-grade roofing solution will set your RV apart from the rest and save you loads of time and money spent on roof leaks, water and tree damage and roof maintenance. 

Kick Off the Upgrades Today!

Upgrading your RV is a great way to enhance your traveling experience and increase its value. Invest in FlexArmor for a roofing solution that will last without expensive, challenging maintenance. Speak with an experienced RV tech today to receive a free FlexArmor sample.

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