Common RV Repairs You Shouldn’t Skip

Before hitting the road for your next adventure, check for these common RV repairs that you should never skip.
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You never want your RV adventure to end. But just like any vehicle, there are common RV problems that can put a damper on your trip. While some of these issues can be small and easy to ignore at first, don’t let them grow into bigger repairs that come with serious price tags later on. Before hitting the road for your next adventure, check to see if you need RV repair.

RV Repair #1: Excessive Tire Wear

One of the most important steps to caring for your RV is to inspect your tires regularly. No one wants to experience a tire blowout on the road! Not only will it put a damper on your vacation, blowouts are dangerous, especially at high speeds. Make sure to check your tires often and replace them when needed. Here’s how:

Use the Penny Test to check the tread depth of your vehicle’s tires. 

Take an upside-down penny with Lincoln’s face downward and place it within the grooves of your tire. If the top of Lincoln’s head is visible, your tires are worn and need replacement. 

Check for dry rot regularly.

Dry rot causes your tires to lose flexibility and turn gray. It needs to be addressed right away to prevent the problem from damaging your tires. A professional technician can apply a sealant to address the issue, but if the problem becomes advanced, the tire will need to be replaced.

Replace your RV tires every 3 – 6 years.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever (besides a FlexArmor RV roof — but more on that later). Keep track of your mileage on your tires and be sure to replace them in a timely manner. Plus, make sure to get your RV tires aligned at least once a year and inspected once a month.

Whether you perform these checks on your own or you work with a professional technician, safe tires will ensure your safety on the road. 

RV Repair #2: Damaged Items While Traveling

Too many RVs aren’t properly fitted to protect your valuable belongings. Fortunately, you can prevent damage with a few small fixes for more secure packing. Here are a few ideas to keep your items safe:

Low Shelves

Place heavy items on low shelves or on the floor to keep them stable during sudden stops or turns.

Packing Materials

Use packing materials like bubble wrap or foam to cushion fragile items, and secure larger furniture pieces with bungee straps.

Door Locks

Reinforce your appliance and cabinet doors with velcro, tape, or even door locks to prevent them from popping open as you travel along bumpy roads. 

Fridge Retainer Bars

Add retainer bars to your fridge to keep all food items secure and avoid spills. You should also consider RV-specific products like specialized dishware or non-slip pads to help keep everything in place in the kitchen area. 

RV Repair #3: Water Intrusion or Damage

Water leaks can be hard to detect and cause serious damage to your RV. Common areas where leaks can occur include the RV roof, windows, and plumbing systems. Regular inspections and maintenance can help prevent water leaks and catch them early.

Soft spots or discoloration within your RV are common signs of water leak damage. Leaks can be caused by a faulty water heater or a crack in the roof, so be sure to inspect your water appliances to pinpoint the source of water damage.

Water damage can be costly to repair, but knowing the signs and reinforcing your roof with FlexArmor can help you keep your RV protected. 

Your Easy Fix: FlexArmor for Your RV Roof

With FlexArmor, you can avoid water damage to your roof and save loads of time and money down the road. Our sprayed RV roof alternative provides your RV with a roof three times thicker than any other roofing option in the industry.

FlexArmor provides a lifetime of protection against weather, debris, and water damage. That’s right — once applied, you’ll have the freedom to go anywhere and do anything with your RV, worry free. With FlexArmor, you get:

  • No more maintenance, no more caulking.
  • No punctures or tears.
  • Lifetime, transferable no-leak warranty.
  • Plus, it only takes three days to apply.

Experience FlexArmor Today

For an RV roofing solution that provides superior protection against the elements and extends the lifespan of your RV, give FlexArmor a try. Find a certified applicator near you, or contact us to receive a free RV roof FlexArmor sample

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