Repairing Our RV Roofing System

before during and after of tv antenna on rv roof having FlexArmor reapplied after repair

Can repairs be made after FlexArmor?

We often get questions about what kind of maintenance needs to be done or if our system can be repaired. We try to ensure that we give each customer a worry-free and maintenance-free roof when they leave one of our facilities. Unfortunately sometimes, despite our best intentions, the unthinkable happens and we have to repair our roof system. Most of our repairs are carried out because of optional additions added to the roof after our system has been installed, though occasionally severe impact damage or other external scenarios cause damage.

Due to the specific properties of our product, with a little bit of prep, we can bond to the original roof when doing repairs to restore the roof’s integrity without having to do costly repairs for small problems. We also try to blend the repair back to the original roof to ensure both a seamless repair and a professional finish.

Before and After Repairing the RV Roof

Since we are able to just patch damaged areas or new components, we are able to perform repairs efficiently and with as little cost to the customer as possible. Most resprays take about a day to complete, the cost of which is mostly just the cost of labor for that time. We have no interest in trying to make a profit on repairs, as we would rather be adding a new name to our list of satisfied customers than extracting further revenue from one of our previous ones.

What do you do if your FlexArmor roof needs a repair?

In the event your roof does need a repair, you can contact the shop that applied your roof, the shop closest to you, or our main office at 904-830-5445 to let us know what repairs need to be made, and we can walk you through the next steps to be taken. 

As always if you have questions, please let us know in the comments or via our contact form.

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