FlexArmor’s New RV Skylight Feature

At FlexArmor, our new RV skylight feature brings durability and natural light back to your RV adventures. Say goodbye to leaks today:
new skylight feature

For years, RV owners have struggled with maintaining skylights on their vehicles. Hailstorms, overhanging branches, and relentless UV exposure have made traditional skylights a headache.

At FlexArmor, we’ve heard your concerns and worked to find a solution that’s both durable and hassle-free. Learn more about our all-new RV skylight feature and how it can revolutionize your life on the road.

The RV Skylight Dilemma

At FlexArmor, we’re all about providing top-quality roofing solutions for RVers while keeping things as easy as possible. However, one issue we’ve encountered is the vulnerability of skylights. These essential features are prone to damage from all angles, leading to expensive repairs and potential leaks.

How has FlexArmor handled skylights in the past?

In the past, FlexArmor has handled skylights in one of two ways. The first involved preparing the skylight and applying FlexArmor around it, covering the screws and providing protection but still leaving it susceptible to breakage. 

The alternative method was to spray over the skylight entirely, ensuring no leaks but sacrificing the natural light and ventilation that it provides. While methods prevented RV skylights from leaking, they compromised the essence of what makes RV living enjoyable.

FlexArmor’s All-New RV Skylight Feature

After years of brainstorming and overcoming production hurdles, our team is thrilled to announce our game-changing solution: custom-designed skylights compatible with FlexArmor. 

After investing in the equipment needed to craft skylights that seamlessly integrate with our roofing solution, we can now offer you the best of both worlds – durability and convenience. Unlike flimsy, traditional skylights, our new design won’t compromise your roof’s integrity. 

It stays watertight and tough against elements like rain, hail, and aggressive UV rays. Plus, if your RV skylight breaks, you can easily order a replacement and install it yourself without having to travel back to a FlexArmor applicator.

Enhance Your RV Experience With FlexArmor

Wherever your adventures take you, one of our dozens of FlexArmor locations nationwide will always be within a day’s drive. Our process is designed for speed and efficiency, ensuring a swift turnaround without compromising quality.

FlexArmor’s certified RV roof professionals handle the installation with expertise, guaranteeing a top-notch job. But don’t just take our word for it – our customers have tested FlexArmor in all kinds of conditions, and the results speak for themselves. Contact us for an estimate or free sample today!

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