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Detailed FlexArmor Explanation

It is a major job to replace or repair an RV roof. Quality work and proper surfaces preparation are critical in a successful FlexArmor  RV roof installation. Authorized FlexArmor locations send technicians to the corporate office for a minimum of 40 hours intensive training.

Each technician is required to learn and exhibit mastery of : proper surface preparation, learning the steps for each roof component and which proprietary processes to use, machine maintenance, spraying FlexArmor on mock up RVs.

RVRoof.com, Inc.  owner, David Adair, then travels to the location to ensure the shop is set up correctly and supervises the first few roofs done by the new applicator. This training ensures quality and that processes are completed the same from location to location across the country.

Every FlexArmor location provides the same basic services.

Consistency and quality are the backbone of FlexArmor roof systems. FlexArmor locations have the basic requirements in place before applying the roof system.

  • Brick and Mortar location
  • The RV roof is exposed to the elements while being prepped so it is a requirement that all locations do work indoors to protect the RV.
  • Moveable scaffolds at correct working height. Allows flexibilty to do all RV types and have a safe work platform.
  • Required to wrap unit in plastic to protect from overspray and dust
  • Protect inside surfaces from work dust and overspray
  • Ability to perform wood repairs
  • Ability to install and remove standard RV roof components
  • Required to participate in warranty network and do repairs for other locations if needed
  • A minimum of 2 corporate trained technicians
  • Proper spray equipment in good working order
  • Ability to follow trade secret surface preparation consistently
  • Good reputation in the RV industry and with the insurance companies
  • And most importantly, a strong work ethic of providing top notch customer service.


The Most Important Aspect of An RV Roof Repair: Preparation.

RV Roof Repair of any type has to be done correctly to make sure there are no problems in the future.

Step 1 : Inspect the roof throroughly. A new RV roof cannot be applied if there is any water damage or the roof isn’t structurally sound.

Step 2 : Note obvious areas of water damage and estimate price to replace.

Step 3 : Inspect all roof components and discuss with customer repair or replacement options, if needed. FlexArmor roofs come with new standard vent lids, refrigerator base and lid, new sewer fixtures and new vent covers.

Step 4: Document any special request by customer such as custom colors, removal of unused components like satellite dishes.

Step 5 : Move unit into building, wrap it in plastic and begin repairs.

Step 6: Remove and replace damaged wood if required. Start any other structural repairs.

Step 7 : Strip all old caulking, remove components such as A/Cs and satellites.

Step 8 : Replace vent pipes and refrigerator base.

Step 9 : Lots of grinding. Sanding. Cleaning. Steps 6, 7 and 9 are the most time consuming and account for the most of the process.

Step 10 : Final papering.

Step 11 : Depends on the surface. Step 11 is proprietary to FlexArmor and is not used by any other polyurea company. We guard it, we emphasize to the technicians, this is what sets us apart from anyone who tries to follow. This is such a trade secret that we have never found any other company who can provide the things needed in this step. It was designed for us and the process created by us and no one else in the country has access to it.

Step 12 : Trained technician applies our proprietary pure polyurea formula, FlexArmor.

Step  13 : Reinstall your a/cs, put everything back together again.

Step 14: Test all your roof components and make sure your unit is clean.

Step 15 : Pull your unit out of the building and we can’t wait to show you your new RV roof.

Of course there are always slight variations and each shop is capable of making this process customized to your situation, but this is the minimum steps used in each FlexArmor RV roof installation. If you have an unusual situation or if you want more information, feel free to contact us. We have completed thousands of rv roofs so we probably have an answer.



Final Result: A lifetime of no worries.

The final result is an RV roof that has many benefits over any other RV roof option on the market.

With a FlexArmor roof you get:

  • A lifetime, fully transferable, written, NO Leak Guarantee
  • A network of trained professionals to inspect and fix, if needed, your RV roof
  • A Guarantee that is not tied to one location. If, for some reason, your original shop is no longer doing FlexArmor, you can go anywhere
  • An RV exclusive product with a proven sucess record and good reputation in the RV industry
  • No more yearly treatments or recaulking
  • No more worries of minor impacts, at 3500 psi tear strength, it’s pretty hard to puncture
  • Increased insulation from the 3/16th inch thick material
  • Decreased sound from rain



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Looking for less details? We have a simple explanation for you.

FlexArmor® is guaranteed not to leak for the lifetime of the RV!

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