Recently we had an incident at the corporate headquarters. We had to send an RV away because their roof was not fixable. There is a certain style roof construction that cannot be saved by the FlexArmor roof system or any other after-market RV roof.

Vacuum-bonded roof

The style of construction that causes a serious issue for many RV owners is typically called a vacuum bonded roof. These roofs are created by taking a large piece of structure styrofoam and gluing a piece of 5.2 millimeters Luan paneling on each side. The roof panel is formed in a press and the end result is a strong, lightweight roof.

Fatal Flaw

The fatal flaw in this design is it is not repairable. This particular system does not have any trusses or other roof support. It is strong until the Luan gets wet. When the wood get wet, it wrinkles and separates from the Styrofoam core. The roof then begins to sag. Rain sits in the low areas making the area sage more from weight and increase water intrusion. Once sagging occurs, the only way to prevent further damage from the weight of the water is to have a new, one piece assembly installed. This is a costly repair but the only proper way to fix the water damage with these style roofs.

Monitoring your roof

The roof we turned away went from being solid to air conditioners were weighing down the roof and it was sitting crooked in 30 days. It is vitally important for RV owners to know how their RV is constructed. Owners who know of this fatal flaw are able to monitor their roof for changes, and get repairs done quickly before the point of no return.These types of flat roofs that allow water to sit are the most prone to extreme water damage in a short matter of time.

It’s not always a completely lost cause

Vaccum bonded roofs can be rebuilt in some cases but it is a costly repair. One of our authorized applicators, Dependable RV Services, is one of our locations who can rebuild your roof and then apply a FlexArmor RV roof.

This vacuum bonded roof has caved in after a leak

The roof has been removed and is ready to be rebuilt

The roof and ceiling have been rebuilt and are ready for FlexArmor roof.