Our Story

When did it all start?

In early 2000 a potential customer walked into David’s Permanent Coatings, Inc. looking to have an industrial coating sprayed on his boat. While David was showing him some options, one sample caught the customer’s eye. The customer asked David to follow him to the campground to look at the roof on his fifth wheel. David repaired the roof for him, and this first roof lead to the creation of the first RV exclusive pure polyurea roof and the processes to make the system work.

Perfecting the system

Like all great ideas, there were ups and downs. There were failures to be fixed when products didn’t work as intended. Each failure or issue was met with a new quest to find a chemist to create the product needed to make FlexArmor work. The end result was a special formula and a process not normally found in the polyurea industry. A product that can bond to any substrate forming a water tight bond. So by 2005, FlexArmor became the only RV exclusive sprayed polyurea RV roof in the RV industry with a life time no leak guarantee.

Leading the way

Since then, FlexArmor has been the leader in aftermarket RV roofs. The FlexArmor name and reputation has gained traction and is now being applied at 10 different authorized locations across the country, with more in the works.

The RV Roof story keeps going

RVRoof.com, Inc. looks forward to providing RVers with the ultimate rv roof solution, easing their worries and allowing them to spend more time RVing and less time in the repair shop.

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