rv roof proWe were included in a series from RV Pro magazine: “RV Origins – How 120 industry professionals began their careers”!

RV Pro asked us to let them know how we got started in the rv roof repair business. David details how he started out spraying boats, floors, and buildings…and how he became a RV Roof pro after being asked by a client to do coating for his rv roof.  He saw that rv roofs were in need of a product that would protect them without having to make the owner go through the expense and inconvenience of having their rv out of commission while a new roof was put on.  The FlexArmor process he created can be applied faster than a standard roof replacement and it’s guaranteed to last for the lifetime of the RV.  The roof elements are all repaired prior to the coating being sprayed on, so the roof is in great shape, and then coated with the leak-proof FlexArmor.  It really is the best product out there.  A lot of people say they are better, but we stand behind that guarantee, and are confident that this roof will not leak, and it will be on your rv long after the rv has stopped traveling the open roads. 

In the beginning, there were some hardships, as most businesses experience, but the product was so well received that the order started flowing in, and the business really took hold.  Existing clients are more than enthusiastic when they share their RVRoof.com story.  They want everyone to feel the same confidence in their rv roof.  Thanks to the amazing product, and our new family of clients…we now have 10 locations that are authorized FlexArmor applicators, and are still growing!

You can read about it in the RV Pro online magazine here.