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FlexArmor sprayed RV roofs have been changing the RV world since 2005. FlexArmor combines spray polyurea technology with RV construction to create a seamless sprayed RV roof. No more caulking is required to keep your RV watertight. Added benefits include an increase in insulation and a puncture-proof roof.  If you are looking for RV roof repair, you’ve come to the right place!  Get a quote for the last roof your RV will ever need!

No-Leak Guarantee

FlexArmor roofs have an industry-leading transferable no-leak warranty. Check out our comparison chart and you’ll be surprised what others leave out.  FlexArmor is the ultimate option for your lifetime RV roof repair!

Protection Guaranteed

With our certified applicator network, we apply the best roof in, and designed for, the industry. We train and maintain our applicator’s knowledge making sure they adhere to the strict standards of our high performance prep process. This ensures your roof never leaks and never fails.

Value Guarantee

Nothing protects like FlexArmor for less, we guarantee it. Provides all owners with confidence and peace of mind for the life of the RV.  Never worry about RV roof repair again!

Reviews from Happy FlexArmor Customers…

I went in thinking my roof was in good shape. I just wanted to protect it before I had problems. Boy was I in for a reality check. My roof was leaking in 6 different places. And none were noticeable. David and his crew fixed them all and got my baby protected or life. I highly recommend Don’t wait until you see problems to get it done. It’ll be to late.
Stuart Barrett
Stuart Barrett
20:07 14 Feb 19
Great product and process. Far better then the OEM and great to deal with. Helped us out on a short time line. Looks great !
Kevin Shaw
Kevin Shaw
04:00 09 Aug 18
Excellent service, workmanship and customer care.
Steve Zochowski
Steve Zochowski
14:31 27 Jan 18
the staff are great 🙂 Nice one!
Jazmen Radney
Jazmen Radney
18:59 06 Dec 17
Had my roof done on my travel trailer that is 3 months old. Decided to do this way before I had roof problems which would surely come at some point. Loving it! When the squirrels drop pine cones on our old roof, it was loud enough to make my wife and I jump. Now, we only hear a small thud. Roof looks great with no caulking needed and no black streaks down the trailer sides. Have peace of mind our trailer should last a very long time. Talked to owner also and gave great info and customer service by answering all questions with knowledge of product. Thank You!
Dale Stagg
Dale Stagg
00:31 09 Nov 17
Best thing I have ever done to protect my rv. On a previous rv I had to not only replace the rubber but also most of the wood under the rubber.
Larry W. Nutter
Larry W. Nutter
14:38 11 Oct 17
Family owned, very friendly and super attention to detail
Kevin Messina
Kevin Messina
13:37 16 Sep 17
David and his wife are running an incredible business with an exceptional product. The customer service is top notch. These folks had me in for a repair of my roof (which was coated by them when previous owner had it) The repair needed was to no fault of their product but to a Newmar design flaw which I could see once we were both on the roof. They fixed it, no charge, with next to no notice since I just happen to be driving through Florida from Illinois when it happened. Even let us post up for the night since we had no other place to go. When finishing up I find out he even repaired my broken antenna with parts he had "lying around" and still wouldn't accept payment. This is a similar way I run my business and its so good to see other people still out there doing it right! Call me guys if your ever in Chicago! Lunch is on me.
Jorel Kilcullen
Jorel Kilcullen
17:40 18 Jan 17
Amazing stuff!!!! had a 8" diameter pine tree snap off at 20' above camper ripped the roof but never went all the way through!!!! awesome stuff, a regular roof the tree would have been through the floor no doubt!!!!
Rat Fink
Rat Fink
17:34 16 Aug 16
Great people, awesome job. Roof looks great,Thanks
Kathi Hunt
Kathi Hunt
23:07 11 May 16
Great people to do business with. Great employees and work is second to NONE.
Ken Jordan
Ken Jordan
18:33 19 Nov 15
I've heard very good reviews from actual campers at the campsite about this company
David C. Page
David C. Page
02:30 08 Nov 14
Would not recommend or take my RV anywhere else for roofing issues. Did an excellent job on my roof. It is a little more than other places, but oulasts everyone else. You get what you pay for.
Ernie Dukes
Ernie Dukes
14:20 11 Sep 12

Why should you have a FlexArmor roof?

No Caulking

FlexArmor roofs remove all the caulking seams found on traditional RV roofs. No more seams equals no more leaks.

Controlled Application

FlexArmor roofs are applied indoors by trained authorized applicators.

Sprayed On

FlexArmor is a sprayed-on application of two chemicals that dries in 6 seconds.

Thick and Durable

The 6 second dry time lets FlexArmor roofs be 3 times thicker than other RV roof materials.

A True Lifetime Warranty

A FlexArmor Warranty is fully transferable and follows the RV, giving all owners peace of mind.

We don’t hold back…you can read the warranty here!

For those of you that like more technical details:

FlexArmor is an RV specific pure polyurea formula that once combined with our proprietary process eliminates the most common roof issues that plague RV owners.

FlexArmor roofs remove the need to constantly climb on your roof to inspect for damage, or to reapply caulking. They don’t suffer from punctures from low hanging branches. At 3/16 of an inch thick, and with a tear strength of 3500 psi, most impacts bounce off of FlexArmor roofs.

• No More Caulking
• No More Leaks
• Lifetime No-Leak Guarantee
• No More Punctures
• No More Cracks
• No More Special Cleansers
• Increased Insulation
• Increased Structural Strength
• Any Roof Type, Any RV Type
• Over 600% Elongation
• 3500 psi Tear Strength
• 3/16 Inch Thick (187 Mils)
• Dry in 6 Seconds
• All Work Performed Indoors
• Over a Decade of Experience
• Multiple Locations to Serve You


Flexarmor roofs applied (and still counting!)

Our national network of authorized applicators

Providing you a quality roof is important to all trained, authorized applicators so all work in performed indoors in fixed locations. Authorized applicators can be found across the country from dealership to service centers to FlexArmor only locations. This network of applicators provides you access to someone with knowledge and training to help you at anytime with any concerns or questions you might have after your roof is completed. All location can perform warranty work if it is ever needed.


RV Roof Repair solutions can be frustrating to sort out.  Our network of authorized applicators is here for you to explain what you can do, and how FlexArmor will eliminate the need for future repairs. 

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Testimonial: Bill Esposito

Four years later and our Flexarmor roof looks awesome and more importantly our roof is water tight! Thanks for posting the picture of our Scottsdale looking so good.

Testimonial: Howard @

It looks great. They’ve been using this particular topcoat for a couple of years now, and there is almost no maintenance except for washing the topcoat with non-abrasive household cleaner once in a while.