insurance rv roofInsurance is there to help us cover a major expense when something unexpected happens. Specialized RV insurance covers more than normal car insurance. There are some important factors to know when it comes to your RV insurance and what it covers. It is important to read your policy and understand the coverage. Upon arrival for a new roof, FlexArmor locations have informed consumers of damage caused by outside forces which led to an insurance approved roof replacement.

Insurance could cover your new RV Roof

When you damage your RV roof by a collision, the insurance company will pay for a new roof replacement. The collision can be with a tree, a building, a sign or any low hanging obstacle. This type of collision commonly tears the roof on the radius. Tears on the radius lead to a roof replacement by the insurance company.  A hole poked in the membrane on the wide flat surfaces receives a patch. Damage like this would be from a tree branch falling down on the roof. Damage caused by storms or collision, insurance covers the roof, substrate and any damaged fixtures located on the roof.   When you discover a tree branch punctured your roof on your last camping trip, you can still submit the claim.

Spend your check on the right RV Roof

When an insurance company writes the check for a roof replacement, it is consider to the be the end of the claim. Insurance companies, by law, do not restrict customers to roof type or repair facilities. Once the roof is paid for, the insurance company has no further liability. Research on roof types and repair facilities is the best protection a customer has against further roof issues. Finding out after the fact that a product does not meet expectations leaves the customer repairing the repair job at their own expense.

Insurance won’t pay for maintenance related leaks

Insurance companies do not pay claims on situations that are considered maintenance. Customers typically make claims for leaks that have occurred around caulking joints. Claims related to caulking are denied on a regular basis because the policy puts these type of situations under failed maintenance. Other maintenance related situations would be water damage from old a/c gaskets, cracked skylights or uncaulked, exposed screws.

Get the best RV Roof

FlexArmor locations work with all insurance companies. We coordinate estimates, pictures and appointments with adjusters to make your experience pleasant. All locations will handle your claim, fix your roof correctly from the start and get you and your RV back on the road in days.