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What is a Triple Lifetime Guarantee?

A Lifetime Warranty

The industry-leading transferable warranty. Check out our comparison chart here – you will be surprised at what the others leave out.

A Lifetime of Protection

With our certified applicator network, we apply the best roof in and designed for the industry.  And we train and maintain our applicators knowledge making sure they adhere to strict standards of our high-performance prep process.  Making sure your roof never leaks and never fails.

A Lifetime of Value

Nothing protects for less, we guarantee it.  Big names come with high prices, we offer higher quality for less.

What is FlexArmor?

Short explanation of what FlexArmor is

The Latest RV Roof and FlexArmor News

Testimonial: Paul Dahlke

I chose to have my roof done with RV FlexArmor after following the company and their work for 2 years. This is not a easy investment to make but when you think about long term for ownership I highly recommend having this roof put on. We have had this roof system on...

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Eternabond tape. Does it stop RV roof leaks?

RV owners wage a constant battle on roof leaks. Finding a solution is the holy grail of every serious RVer and RV forums are full of suggestions and other RV owner's favorite remedy. Caulking dries out in the sun and the smallest crack can lead to extensive roof...

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Addressing a weak point in Winnebago roofs

Winnebago Fiberglass Roofs FlexArmor locations see all brands of RVs come through needing a new roof. Every RV brand has a characteristic it is known for, and is it’s main selling strength. Winnebago Class A coaches are known for their solid frame construction,...

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Pure polyurea, Hybrid polyurea and RV Roofs

The most commonly asked question we get, right after price, is what makes you different? Sometimes people want to know what makes us different from a bedliner or maybe what makes us different from coatings that are rolled on an RV and can be done at your location. We...

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