How does FlexArmor compare to other roof solutions?

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It’s obvious why FlexArmor is the best choice, but we have some details listed below to help you make an informed decision.  If you haven’t already read “What is FlexArmor“, we suggest you also visit that page when you have a moment.  You can get a detailed explanation or the simple version, depending on how much you want to know.

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FlexArmor Pure Polyurea System
EPDM Rubber Roof TPO Vinyls Aluminum Fiberglass Filon Polymer Rolled Coatings Hybrid Polyureas (Rhino, Linex)
Requires Caulking Resealing
Easy to Clean
Puncture Resistant
Provides Insulation
Increases Roof Strength
100% Repairable
+3500psi Tear Strength
+600% Elongation
Thickness 3/16" = 187 Mils
Stays Flexible in Extreme Cold
Hail Proof
RV Exclusive System
Proven in the RV Industry
Written Transferable No-Leak Guarantee
Network of Authorized Applicators