flexarmor warrantyAs consumers we have all experienced that aggravating moment a company will not back up its product. The advertising says one thing, but the fine print in their warranty says something totally different. In the marketing world, emphasis on the exceptions and possible problems you could experience is not the priority of an ad. Research of different roof types and shops is time consuming and the written rv roof warranties are usually forgotten about during the comparison process.

RVs with rubber roofs have a 10-15 year warranty. The warranty covers the actual membrane, not installation or caulking joints. Membranes rarely fail. Failures are the caulking joints. RV owners have discovered the hard way that their 15 year warranty coverage is basically useless. These are a few links to some of the most common membrane roofs:

Fiberglass roofs are another common RV roof. Different brands have different types of fiberglass. Winnebago fiberglass roofs are a different grade than a fiberglass roof found on a Forest River. Filon is the grade of fiberglass most manufactures use on rv roofs. The material is about 45 mils thick and comes on a roll. Filon roofs have a limited warranty with the RV manufacturer.

Liquid applied membranes are the next common roof type. Rollers and brushes apply these membrane roofs. Weather effects the final roof product. Cool temperatures or high humidity can causes improper curing.

Warranties usually have one common factor. Leaks are not covered. Product integrity in normal use is guaranteed for the specified amount of time. RV roof leaks rarely occur due to a malfunction of the roof material. Caulking and joints are the areas where RV roofs leak.

A written, lifetime, no leak guarantee is the characteristic that sets FlexArmor sprayed RV roofs apart from other options. No fine print, no exclusions.  No leaks guaranteed for the lifetime of the RV, even when ownership changes. If a leak ever occurs, any authorized location will reseal that area, free of charge. FlexArmor, the original sprayed RV roof is the only RV roof with a lifetime warranty covering materials, workmanship and no leaks.