RVRoof.com and FlexArmor fills every waking moment for us at corporate headquarters.  It has been that way since the first roof. Every time we tackle a web site redesign, attend a show or talk to perspective authorized applicators, our goal is to educate potential customers. To have a sucessful product and business, you have to believe in it 100 percent. We do and we want to communicate to the world all the pros and cons. That is hard to do in a 5 minute conversation or when explaining to someone not in the RV industry, or put in a brochure or a website.

There are so many aspects to look at, so many angles to a business, it can take days to remember everything. Blogs and videos are vital tools in communicating ideals, aspects, processes of a business that are hard to put in words. This is also a good place to address important factors that are often over looked in everyday discussion. With time, we see a question get asked that no one has ever asked before and then suddenly it seems like you are asked that same question every day.

Don’t be fooled by copy cat companies

Expansion brings an increase in imitation companies. FlexArmor is gaining more traction in the RV industry due to its reputation. This leads to an increase in the question, what makes you different from Product 1200 sold by Acme Polyurea or the local bring it to me I’ll spray polyurea on anything shop. Polyureas are a huge industry with many standard products. Competition is fierce to sell barrels of chemicals. Plenty of hungry sales people are willing to sell you anything you want. A weakness in sales people, especially ones with less experience in a field, is lack of practical knowledge.

All polyurea formulas are not the same

A sales person from a random chemical company walks into an RV service center and convinces them Product 1200 is perfect for RV roofs. The Service manager has heard we do lots of work, seen our ads, knows the system works. The manager thinks, how hard can it be to spray something on an rv roof.  The salesperson offers a low grade, inexpensive formula that has some stretch and flex. Price point and profit on a lower grade chemical is comparable to the cost of installing a new rubber roof. The new service center goes forward with the guidance of a salesperson.  A salesperson, in the majority of cases, doesn’t spray the chemicals, doesn’t prepare surfaces. Polyurea salespeople are like all sales people, no sale equals no pay.

Typical polyurea sales people sell to industrial contractors. Contractors apply a product on a flat metal building roof. Or the concrete slab of a parking garage in a pretty color with non skid features. Other common applications are inside warehouses or secondary chemical containment. Take a look at a webpage for a polyurea company and the focus is on industrial applications or protecting metals from dents, rust and damage such as rock guards on vehicles.

FlexArmor is a different type of RV Roof Repair Company

Let me count the ways…

1. This leads to the first major difference between FlexArmor locations and any other rv roof repair company spraying off the shelf products on RVs. FlexArmor was created by an actual polyurea applicator with 20 plus years in the industry, not a sales pitch. The FlexArmor formula has the traits missing in products listed on the polyurea manufacturers websites. FlexArmor is not just a polyurea, it is a combination of products not found on the shelf at a chemical company. The preparation processes for varied substrates is not found on industrial job sites. The FlexArmor formula is over 15 years of testing, tweaking and reputation in the RV industry. FlexArmor wasn’t created to copy another business, it was created when the first customer entered our doors and asked us to follow him to his campground.

2. The second difference is FlexArmor is more than one independent location applying an off the shelf product from a chemical manufacturer. FlexArmor is backed by a network of applicators. Every applicator is trained by the creator of the processes and held to a high standard of workmanship. FlexArmor, the corporation, can and has terminated the rights of locations to apply the product when the applicator does not adhere to procedures. The owner and creator of these processes, David Adair, tells each location the same statement at the beginning of training. If you do it the way I teach you, I guarantee it will work. If you don’t, I guarantee it will fail. He knows this because he has failed. The first 12 roofs ever done had to be redone. The roof material, products used with FlexArmor and the processes are a culmination of every failure and success the original location experienced. Over 15 years of research and development on actual RV roofs is behind every job done by an authorized applicator. That experience and knowledge can’t be found in the shop that decided any product will work. And when that shop figures out something is wrong, there is no where else for you to take your RV. If that spray any type of material shop goes under or out of business, the chemical company will not be there to help you.

3. This leads to the last major difference in taking your RV to a FlexArmor location vs. another shop. The FlexArmor warranty doesn’t just cover the chemical. The warranty covers no leaks. We offer this warranty due to our preparation processes. A shop spraying a standard polyurea has no warranty from the chemical company. The chemical company only promises the product is good in the barrels. There is no warranty issued that guarantees against leaks. So even if you have a name brand product put on your roof, that name brand company isn’t offering a no leak guarantee. The name brand company only warrants the product is good when shipped to applicator. If the applicator doesn’t back up his work, you have no other place to go to have your roof repaired.


FlexArmor is the Real Deal

The last thing we hear from potential customers is in regards to wording on a rv roof repair company website. There are several that we have had to shut down over time for plagiarism and others stay just outside the realm of violating copyright. We can only do so much if people start up a business and imitate our wording. I do know that I have written everything you see on our websites and our applicators sites, one dating back 8 years. When you come across a website or a company that says they have been doing roofs a few years and you notice the site is almost word for word the same as ours, you have to wonder why a  reputable company can’t write their own copy.

FlexArmor has RV roof repair experience you can count on

Hopefully this information can help you in your quest for finding a solution to your RV roof problems. We are always willing to share information we’ve learned and help you in any way if you have questions about the rv roof repair process, maintaining your FlexArmor roof, or our lifetime no-leak guarantee.  Please feel free to contact us using the information on this page.