RV Safety Tips Before Hitting the Road

Whether you’re a new or seasoned RV owner, put safety first on your next RV trip by following these safety tips.
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Embarking on new adventures in your RV is exciting, but in order to ensure smooth travels, it’s crucial to prioritize regular maintenance and proper preparation. Whether you’re a new or seasoned RV owner, put safety first on your next RV trip by following these safety tips.

Be Proactive About Your RV’s Maintenance

Keeping up with your RV’s needs and being proactive when it comes to roof maintenance can save you valuable time and money down the road. That’s why we developed FlexArmor, a revolutionary RV roof protection system that serves as an excellent investment to prevent future maintenance issues. 

Our durable, spray-on product creates a seamless, waterproof barrier that safeguards your RV’s roof from leaks, cracks, and UV damage. When you invest in FlexArmor for your vehicle, you can enjoy worry-free travel and eliminate the need for frequent roof maintenance.

You should also pay attention to your RV’s tires for both safety and performance, regularly inspecting and replacing them based on manufacturer recommendations. Consider investing in a tire pressure monitor to provide real-time data and alerts and ensure optimal tire health as you travel.

Here are some other key maintenance items to focus on:

  • Protect your RV’s exterior with regular cleaning and waxing.
  • Inspecting and maintaining holding tanks for proper functioning.
  • Checking tail lights and ensuring they are in working order.
  • Servicing the RV’s air conditioning and heating systems for comfort on the road.

Are Backup Cameras Worth It?

While backup cameras may not be a necessity for everyday vehicles, they are an extremely valuable addition for RV owners. These devices offer many safety advantages and make maneuvering your vehicle much easier, no matter where your adventure takes you. 

RV backup cameras can eliminate blind spots and increase your visibility, making it easier to navigate tight spaces, park, and reverse safely. When considering backup camera options, determine whether a wired or wireless system is right for you. 

Wired Backup Cameras

Wired backup cameras use cables to send the camera’s video to the display. Even though installation can be complex, wired systems’ connections are strong and are not easily messed up.

Wireless Backup Cameras

Wireless backup cameras are easier to install as they don’t use cables, but sometimes the signal can get weaker or even disappear if there are objects blocking it or other devices around.

Things to Do Before Your First Trip

Before embarking on your next RV journey, ensure your safety by taking a few important steps. Firstly, understanding weight distribution and making sure that your vehicle is properly balanced is important for maintaining stability and smooth handling on the road.

By distributing the weight in your RV evenly, you can lower the risk of swaying or losing control of your vehicle as you drive. It’s also important to secure your belongings within your RV to prevent any shifting or damage on your journey.

Properly stowing items will also prevent them from becoming hazards in the event of sudden stops or turns. Lastly, practice driving your RV in a safe environment before your trip. RVs can be less responsive than standard vehicles, so it’s important to get comfortable behind the wheel before embarking on your adventure. 

Try FlexArmor Today

Preparing for your next RV adventure can be overwhelming, but when you take the right steps to prepare, you can embark on your journey with confidence. Prioritize your roof maintenance with FlexArmor and follow these travel tips to enjoy peace of mind on the road. If you you’re considering FelxArmor to protect your adventure from RV Roof hazards, get a free estimate at any of our FlexArmor locations or order a free sample to see our product for yourself! 

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