RV FlexArmor Sprayed Roof vs. The Competition

RVers love to research and spend a lot of time looking into ways to fix problems with their RVs. Sometimes it’s for preventative measures, other times, it is to fix an immediate problem. Roofs cause a substantial amount of headaches for RVers, and researching the mountain of options out there gives people even more headaches. There is EPDM roofing, with multiple grades and … Read More

I had a bedliner sprayed on my RV and it is leaking. Why?

I got another phone call this weekend, one I get several times a month. Many people find our website or tired of the issues they run into with their rv, when driving by the local bedliner shop, they think, that is a great idea, I’ll spray a roof on my rv. We had the same idea years ago when we … Read More

Pure polyurea, Hybrid polyurea and RV Roofs.

The most commonly asked question we get, right after price, is what makes you different? Sometimes people want to know what makes us different from a bedliner or maybe what makes us different from coatings that are rolled on an RV and can be done at your location. We always think it is important to give our customers as much … Read More