Newmar Coach Roof Repair using the FlexArmor RV Roof System

This video is an overview of a FlexArmor roof being applied to a Newmar Coach at the corporate headquarters of, Inc. It details the common causes of wood damage on Newmars and shows a completed sprayed rv roof. Every authorized applicator is an RV roof repair specialist and knows how to handle the roof repair of all makes and models.

Some leaks aren’t noticeable

This coach owner did not know he had a leak until he went to have a new satellite dish installed. As you can see, instead of being nice and flat like a typical Newmar roof, this roof is wavy and has many dips that are holding water. In most cases with a Newmar, the roof will look like this and the owner hasn’t seen any water inside, so they aren’t aware that they even have a leak.

RV roof leak damage

Water wicked into RV roof from cotton backing of vinyl roof.

The reason why a Newmar owner won’t see water inside has to do with how the roof is constructed. The top membrane has a cotton backing.  If there is any place on the roof where the cotton is exposed it wicks in the water. Below the wood is a vinyl wallpaper. This backing stops the water from showing up inside. The end result is the wood swells and starts to rot. Here this damage started at the air conditioner and wicked out to the sides.

Here’s an example of the back side of the vinyl lining with the cotton backing. This is around a TV antenna, which is a common area for water to start to wick, along with here at the edge of a skylight where cracks can allow water to get through to that cotton backing.

This is the vinyl wallpaper on the back side of the wood that stops the water from showing up inside. As you can see, the insulation is dry but the wood has been rotting between the two layers and it just slowly keeps expanding until your whole roof is rotted. It just becomes wavy and this is what gives you that look.

Here’s another view of the vinyl that’s on the located on the backside of the wood that stops the water. And here’s the vinyl roof membrane with the rotted wood. 

RV Roof repair is part of our process

The first step we take at FlexArmor authorized locations it’s starting to remove all the rotted wood, cutting out everything that’s bad, getting it all out of there, and making sure you have dry insulation. Your whole unit is wrapped in plastic to protect.  We install all the new wood, and all your fixtures, and make sure that everything’s lined back up inside so that when we’re all done you’ve inside vents all work properly.

Everything is nice and ready to go with all new wood and then one of our authorized applicators will start applying our proprietary product to your roof, giving you a nice smooth finish. Many of the key features of our RV exclusive chemical is it’s dry in six seconds that’s how we’re able to maintain three sixteenths of an inch thick which makes your roof hail proof and puncture proof.FlexArmor roof repair thickness
All of our applicators have hours of experience. They’re trained on the ground first before they’re ever allowed on a real actual RV roof so every time you get a roof it’ll be a finished professional product that you’ll be proud to show off at your campground and encourage your friends to
come visit our locations. 90% of our customers are from referrals from past customers.
As you can see, when we’re done, you have no more seams, no more caulking. You have a custom roof line. Everything is totally one-piece and seamless, so Newmar owners have no more worries of that wicking water and damage. Here’s a Newmar where the roof was made to roll over the side, which is an option for Newmar owners, or we can keep it up on top just because the way your roof is constructed with the radiuses that are aluminum. We also do skylights in this way, where it’s sprayed in or we can totally cover it.
In approximately two and a half to three days you’ll be back on the road with your Newmar. So if you find yourself with a leak check out FlexArmor.  Visit our website for more information or to find somebody near you.

If you are looking for someone to handle your Newmar Coach roof repair, you can also contact us here, or request a quote.