We love when our customers share their feelings about our FlexArmor roof system!


Thanks so much for making my rv roof so great. I feel so much better about by motor home knowing I don’t have to climb on top all the time to check for caulking problems. You told me the motor home would be finished at 2:00pm on Wednesday and at 2:00pm they drove it out of the bay. From the first time I contacted you to the finished job it has been a very pleasant experience. We stayed in your parking lot the night before so we would be there when you opened. I want to thank you for the use of your electric hook up. I could feel when the guys got there that they really enjoyed doing what they do and believe in your product. They were very pleasant and explained everything to us without rushing us. I appreciated them installing the new King TV antenna to replace the older one. Thanks for replacing the small bathroom vent with the larger Fan-Tastic Vent. The black paint job on the edges of the roof looks great. My neighbor drove me to your facility to pick up my motor home and he was so impressed with how attentive and nice the guys were. He said it is hard to find pleasant people who enjoy what they do and are willing to work. I did take some RVROOF.COM samples and brochures to show the RV Club here in The Villages. Thanks again for being so great to us. I am sending a few photos.


Anthony Utzie